Børge Gjeldvik

CEO in Axio

Børge has 22 years of experience as founder and CEO of Axess. During the 22 years Axess has developed to be an international engineering and inspection company with offices in 15 countries.

In addition to the job as CEO of Axess, Børge has been heavily involved in the start-up and development of the companies KI Offshore (sold to Force Technology), Axtech (sold to Axtech management team and SAS Gouda), Xpro (sold to Xpro management team), Grep Industridesign (sold to Inventas).

Børge has also been key in the establishment and development of the software consulting company Axbit which operates in Norway, Moments Climbing which operates climbing gyms in Finland and USA and the purchase of the transmission lines construction company Kraftmontasje and Powerline which operates in Norway, Sweden and Croatia.

Børges key professional skills is, start up of companies, efficient organizing and operations of companies, customer growth, geographical growth and international growth of companies. Key experience is from companies with revenue between 1 million and 1 billion NOK, that provide services to other businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C).